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What is an Advanced Pedicure?

While a traditional salon pedicure aims to simply clean and beautify your feet and nails, an Advanced Pedicure goes beyond this by working to prevent troublesome toenail and skin issues that cause pain, discomfort, and even anxiety for our clients.  Advanced Pedicures are also recommended for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions affecting the legs and feet such as diabetes, psoriasis, and circulatory disease(s).  A specially trained Advanced Nail Technician (M-ANT) will be better equipped to care for you during your service as you may require adjusted pedicure soak temperatures and duration, different skincare products, enhanced cleaning and care of the feet and nails, and modified massage techniques.

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Our Advanced Pedicures are only performed by a Licensed and Certified Advanced Nail Technician holding additionally certifications in Advanced Pedicures, who specializes in addressing these foot and toenail conditions with a client-centered and compassionate approach.  The goal is to restore the health and beauty of your natural nails, improve the condition of your skin, and prevent physical discomfort and anxiety over the condition of your feet and nails.

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What does this mean for you?

At Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws, we can restore your confidence in the look and feel of your feet and toes by providing you with an Advanced Pedicure that can work to prevent a host of uncomfortable foot and nail conditions including:

Whether you have a medical condition, significant nail damage or missing nails, discoloration, or difficulty maintaining your own nails, Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is here for you.

We conduct a FREE and confidential one-on-one consultation and assessment for all new clients, and we are happy to help you get on the road to healthy nails that look and feel great!

Advanced Pedicure Before and After

If you are interested in starting the consultation process to book a future appointment, click below to fill out and submit our Pedicure Consultation Form, which takes about five minutes.

* Most clients do require a series of Advanced Pedicures to achieve their desired results, though most clients see and feel results after their first appointment.  This series often consists of 3-5 appointments over a period of several months, though some clients may require additional services.  This is due to the fact that toenail growth is very slow, and healthy nails take time and care to develop and grow out.  Maintaining regular appointments will allow your nails to be cared for properly, be thoroughly cleaned in the areas around and under your nails, and have lingering problematic conditions addressed that will promote healthy future growth.

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 Advanced Pedicure Results

What can you expect?

You will find several main differences between an Advanced Pedicure at Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws and a spa pedicure at a nail salon you may find in your neighborhood.  This includes:

  • A thorough consultation and assessment
  • One-on-one services by a licensed nail technician with advanced certifications
  • A private, comfortable, positive environment
  • A relaxed atmosphere without feeling rushed
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization processes
  • Highly personalized care for your specific needs and condition(s).
  • Follow-up and at-home care plan to promote healthy nails
  • Optional Advanced Pedicure at-home products to enhance your services and continue your care, available here
  • And yes, we also provide standard salon manicure and pedicure services, gel extensions, and nail art!
*** VERY IMPORTANT: We ask all clients coming in for an Advanced Pedicure to refrain from shaving their legs for 24 hours prior to their appointment, and refrain from cutting their toenails one week prior to their appointment.  This allows time for any micro-cuts or abrasions to heal prior to receiving a pedicure service, reducing the risk of injury and infection.

    Your Comfort is Key

    At Healthy Nails, we understand that many people have a great deal of embarrassment associated with the condition of their feet and toes. Rest assured, we are 100% committed to providing you a private, comfortable, and judgement-free space to come and have your concerns addressed.  Our boutique salon only sees one client at a time, so you will never have to worry about strangers in your space.  We are committed to providing professional, highly personalized, and compassionate service to all of our clients, and you will be made to feel right at home in our salon.  This will be unlike any pedicure service you have received in the past, and we encourage you to simply text or call us to set up a free consultation and hear what we can do for you!

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    Prior to booking your first service, we will conduct a FREE thorough assessment to determine the appropriate service(s), amount of time needed, and any special considerations that may affect your care.  This includes a visual and physical assessment of your feet as well as a discussion about your nails and skin, any medical conditions that may affect your feet, and any questions or concerns you may have.  Once the consultation is complete, your services can be scheduled and you are on your way to healthy and happy feet!

    We understand that individuals may be travelling quite a distance to our studio, so we are more than willing to conduct your consultation and assessment virtually.  The process takes just a few minutes, and ensures that we can address your concerns before you make the trip to us.  Text or call Trixie at (202) 656-1575 with any questions, or click below to submit the Advanced Pedicure Consultation Form. 

    Click here to submit the Advanced Pedicure Consultation Form

    We are able to do most consultations over the phone or via text.  This option will require several photos of your toes and toenails to be submitted to ensure we can appropriately address your areas of concern. 

    In very few cases, we may recommend you seek a medical assessment or treatment from a Podiatrist or Medical Doctor for your condition(s) prior to scheduling services.  As we cannot treat or diagnose medical conditions, occasionally this is necessary as a condition may appear to be beyond our scope of practice. This happens very rarely, as we can usually provide services to address most conditions we see.  If we ask you to seek medical care, please understand it is only in the interest of your health and well-being, as that is our main concern with our clients.  Once you are medically cleared, we will be happy to provide services to you and get your feet feeling great!

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    First off, we never rush.  After your one-on-one consultation, we will discuss the length of time needed to complete your service(s).  This typically will range from 60-120 minutes, and will depend on the condition(s) being addressed.  We are fully committed to ensuring you leave satisfied with your services and aftercare plan, and will never rush services. We schedule appointments with plenty of space between clients in case a service takes longer than expected, and to allow ample time to thoroughly clean all equipment and surfaces.

    Advanced Pedicure Services

    Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is owned and operated by a NY State Licensed and Certified Advanced Nail Technician who is additionally credentialed by the Global Meticulous Manicurist Academy in the performance of Advanced Pedicures.  She personally provides all Advanced Pedicure services, and is certified and trained exclusively by the manufacturers in all products and systems used in the salon.

    After your consultation and assessment, you will receive a highly personalized service, or series of services, to address your concern(s).  This will include:

    • A full salon pedicure
    • Cleaning and maintenance of cuticles and skin around the nails
    • Cutting and shaping of nails
    • Specialty services to address your specific condition(s) (discussed fully during the consultation prior to services commencing)
    • Repair or creation of missing or damaged nail(s) using Bio Sculpture Gel
    • Smoothing of calluses
    • Polish or Gel
    • Foot and lower leg massage with Famous Names Dadi' Oil, Luxury Dadi' Lotion, and Dadi' Scrub
    • Care plan and at-home instructions
    • Optional at-home care products will be discussed and made available for purchase

    Care Plan

    Prior to leaving, we will go over your custom care plan and any at-home steps you can take to maintain and promote the health of your nails.  This may include setting future appointments, providing detailed instructions for home care, and recommending products to help maintain the health of your nails.

    Our Advanced Pedicure product bundles for at-home use are available for sale here.

     Questions?  Text or call Trixie at (202) 656-1575 now for more information.

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    Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is proud to be part of the Global Meticulous Manicurist Network, certified in Advanced Pedicures.  If you're not in the Middletown, NY area, and would like to locate a certified Advanced Pedicurist near you, click here.