Advanced Pedicures | Damaged Nails

What is a damaged nail?

A damaged nail can be caused by any type of trauma to the toe or toenail.  This can result in a number of conditions including breaking of the nail, partial or full separation of the nail, or bleeding and deformity of the live tissue and nail bed under the nail.  Several medical conditions, medications, fungal conditions, and other factors can also cause damage to nails.

Toenail damage can have lasting effects, as it can cause future nail growth to be deformed and increase the risk of ingrown or lifting nails, impacted nails, and fungal or bacterial infections. 

Nail Anatomy Impacted Toenail

How can an Advanced Pedicure help beautify a damaged toenail?

Our specially trained Advanced Nail Technician will first conduct an assessment of your damaged toenail, which will include a brief screening to determine existing medical conditions, and a physical assessment of your toe and nail.  Although we cannot address a damaged nail until the live tissue around the nail has healed, once healed we will normally be able to provide the appropriate level of service to address toenail damage*.

After trimming, filing, and shaping the nail, as well as thoroughly cleaning and removing impacted material from under and around the nail, we can provide other services to help promote the growth of healthy nail tissue as the nail regenerates.  This includes the LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration system which can create a nail over the damaged nail surface which can protect the new nail as it grows, as well as restore your confidence in the look and feel of your nails while they repair.


    Gel Pedicure Over Damaged Nails Bad Kitti Claws
    before and after toenail repair bad kitti claws



    *In very few cases, we may recommend you seek a medical assessment or treatment from a Podiatrist or Medical Doctor for your condition(s) prior to scheduling services.  As we cannot treat or diagnose medical conditions, occasionally this is necessary as a condition may appear to be beyond our scope of practice. This happens very rarely, as we can usually provide services to address most conditions we see.  If we ask you to seek medical care, please understand it is only in the interest of your health and well-being, as that is our main concern with our clients.  Once you are medically cleared, we will be happy to provide services to you and get your feet feeling great!