sa'SHá (sa-shay) Pedicure Callus Care

Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is now an exclusive provider of the new sa'SHá (sa-shay) Pedicure Callus Care system by Centre for Beauty.  sa'SHá was developed as a healthier alternative to existing callus care products used in most salons, containing no acids or harsh chemicals that can harm the skin and nails.
sa'SHa before and after  Sasha callus treatment
sa'SHá is a diverse new product used in our healthy pedicure services for callus removal, a full pedicure callus treatment, and cuticle removal.  It is fast-acting and safe for at-risk clients with quick and effective results.  Because it has no harmful ingredients it is safe for diabetics, immuno-compromised clients, and clients with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.   Its Urea based formula adds an extra boost of moisture for the skin to help nourish healthy tissue and maintain moisture long after calluses are removed.
sa'SHá is effective in removing mild calluses and cuticles in as little as 10 seconds, and thick calluses with a full treatment in just 4 minutes.  This is a healthier and faster alternative to most salon-grade callus removers which remain on the skin for over 10 minutes and contain acids.
For mild callus removal, sa'SHá is applied to the feet with a brush, and feet can be filed almost immediately with great results.  
sa'SHa callus removal
In a full callus treatment for thick calluses, cotton soaked in sa'SHá is applied to calluses, and the foot is then wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel for 4 minutes to soften calluses.  
sa'SHa callus treatmentsa'SHa callus treatment plastic wrap
Calluses are then gently scraped with a foot file removing dead skin, and the foot is then filed to finish smoothing the feet.  A soothing foot mask and foot scrub are then applied, and your pedicure is completed with a Urea lotion massage of the foot and lower leg for extra moisture.  

sa'SHa callus removal foot scrapesa'SHa callus foot file

All of our pedicures can be upgraded to include a full sa'SHá Callus Treatment.  If you are interested in a pedicure with a sa'SHá Callus Treatment, please submit a Pedicure Consultation Form on our website, or text or call us at (202) 656-1575 to make an appointment.  

sa'SHá Callus Care System

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