About Us

Small business, big dreams, humongous heart, unstoppable motivation...All in the name of healthy skin & nails!

So my story.... Where do I begin? A long long time ago in a far away land...Ha! It hasn't been that long.

Okay, for the past 13 plus years I've worked midnights in public safety communications (911 and police dispatch). In my free time I would always get nail enhancement and pedicures and I liked to read and whittle. Oh and throwing knives was fun too. But none of these hobbies let me do what I really loved which was helping others. I'd always been the one to take care of my family's hands and feet, you know the regular at home Mani & Pedi. After a while I started doing enhancements on my own nails, which led me to want to learn how to do enhancements properly and professionally. But having no way to really share my knowledge and experience I saved up, attended cosmetology school, and became a Licensed New York State nail technician. My ultimate goal is to become an Advanced Medical Nail Technician so that I can work in a medical office setting as well as volunteer my services with at-risk patients who need specialized nail treatments due to serious health conditions.

I strive to learn everything about my craft, and choose the best possible products and services to use with my clients. I am very picky about the products I work with, and I want to always learn the proper way to use each one so the results are superior and the system works properly for each client. I believe in brands that use natural products when possible, are family run, and spend the time and effort teaching the people using their systems to fully understand how it all works. Famous Names is one of those fantastic brands. They educated me on their products, trained me on the use of their IBX system and at-home product line, and I am a certified service & product provider.

This is why I have carefully selected the Famous Names Products Dadi' Oil Skin & Nail Treatment products as a mainstay of many of the gift baskets and products you will see in my shop, in addition to the handmade scrubs and soaks which I have developed and made myself. We are happy to accommodate special requests for gifts and gift baskets, and will be releasing new baskets and products regularly. Please reach out with any questions or requests, we are happy to hear from you!

Warm wishes,
Trixie Daniels