LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration

We are pleased to now offer to our Advanced Pedicure clients LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration.  This system allows us to repair damaged or missing toenails, even create a prosthetic nail where no toenail is present.
LCN Barefoot is the only resin (gel) system designed specifically for toenails. It is an extremely elastic light curing gel, which adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can even be achieved on callused layers of skin where there is no toenail.
Barefoot contains an AM factor Piroctone Olimine to protect against external influences and support the health of the natural nail. It is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, for hiding discoloration and for protecting growing toenails.
Barefoot Toenail Restoration 3
Once Barefoot has been applied, it can be treated the same way as a natural toenail, which means it can be filed and polished with standard or gel polish.  
LCN Mykosept
Following the application, LCN Mykosept should be applied daily.  This tincture dries excess moisture and has antimicrobial properties which should be applied following showers or activities that create moisture around the toes. LCN Mykosept can be purchase in our shop here.


LCN Barefoot

Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is a certified and trained provider of the LCN Barefoot system, and carries LCN Mykosept for sale in the salon.  If you are interested in an Advanced Pedicure with LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration, please submit a Pedicure Consultation Form on our website, or text or call us at (202) 656-1575 for more information.  

You can submit our Pedicure Consultation Form here.

*Note: Barefoot is not intended for medical use nor to treat, prevent or cure mycotic or fungal nails. Barefoot, like all cosmetic products, should not be applied to mycotic or fungal nails.

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