Advanced Pedicures | Impacted Toenails

What is an impacted toenail?

Over time, buildup can accumulate and become impacted under toenails, especially if an individual is unable to clean or maintain their nails regularly.  This buildup can push upward on the nail cause lifting, pincer nails, ingrown nails, or deformity to the nail.  This separation of the nail from the nail bed can also create a space for fungus to grow, causing even further damage and making the nail discolored or brittle.

Impacted nails can be extremely painful, feeling like there is something stuck under the nail.  

Nail Anatomy Impacted Toenail

How can an Advanced Pedicure prevent a toenail from becoming impacted?

Our specially trained Advanced Nail Technician will first conduct an assessment of your toenail, which will include a brief medical screening to determine existing medical conditions, and a physical assessment of your toe and nail.  In the majority of cases, we will be able to provide the appropriate level of service to prevent an impacted nail.

Utilizing specialized tools, our tech can effectively trim, shape, and file the free edge of the nail, while thoroughly cleaning the impacted material from under the free edge of the nail to promote healthy future growth and prevent fungal formation. Additionally, a nail mycosis solution may be recommended for at-home use to further prevent fungus growth.  Nail mycosis can be purchased from the salon or our online shop here.

It is often recommended that our clients return for a follow-up appointment or series of Advanced Pedicure services to maintain their progress, as future nail growth can often cause an ingrown or impacted nail to reoccur.  An after-pedi plan and at-home care instructions are discussed at the conclusion of each appointment.

impacted toenail front view bad kitti clawsimpacted toenail top view bad kitti claws

Can impacted toenails be prevented?

To help prevent an impacted toenail:

  • wear shoes that fit properly
  • keep your feet clean and dry
  • trim your nails properly — briefly soak your foot in warm water before trimming, and make sure you cut straight across, without tapering or rounding the corners or cutting them too short
  • If you are unable to trim or clean your own toenails, contact us for an appointment.  We are happy to help you maintain the health of your feet.



*In very few cases, we may recommend you seek a medical assessment or treatment from a Podiatrist or Medical Doctor for your condition(s) prior to scheduling services.  As we cannot treat or diagnose medical conditions, occasionally this is necessary as a condition may appear to be beyond our scope of practice. This happens very rarely, as we can usually provide services to address most conditions we see.  If we ask you to seek medical care, please understand it is only in the interest of your health and well-being, as that is our main concern with our clients.  Once you are medically cleared, we will be happy to provide services to you and get your feet feeling great!