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Text or call us at (202) 656-1575 to book an Advanced Pedicures or any of our other pedicure services. Or, fill out our Pedicure Consultation Form and we will reach out to you!

What to expect at Healthy Nails

  • A thorough consultation and assessment
  • One-on-one private services
  • Highly personalized care for your specific needs
  • A comfortable, positive environment
  • Follow-up and home care plan to promote healthy nails
  • Home care products included with your first Advanced Pedicure
  • Enhanced salon cleaning procedures
  • What is different about an Advanced Pedicure?

    While a 'traditional' salon pedicure aims to simply clean and beautify your feet and nails, an Advanced Pedicure goes beyond this by working to prevent troublesome toenail and skin issues that cause pain, discomfort, and even anxiety for our clients. 

    Advanced Pedicures are also recommended for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions affecting the legs, skin, and feet such as diabetes, psoriasis, cancer(s) and circulatory disease(s). 

    A specially certified Advanced Nail Technician (M-ANT) will be better equipped to care for you during your service as you may require adjusted pedicure soak temperatures and duration, different skincare products, enhanced cleaning and care of the feet and nails, and modified massage techniques.

  • Training and Certification

    Our Advanced Pedicures are only performed by a Licensed Nail Technician, holding additional certifications in:

    • Advanced Nail Technology
    • Medical Nail Technology
    • Advanced Pedicures
    • Oncology Care in the Pedicure Suite
    • LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration
    • B/S Brace System

    We specialize in addressing foot and toenail conditions with a client-centered and compassionate approach.  The goal is to restore the health and beauty of your natural nails, improve the condition of your skin, and prevent physical discomfort and anxiety over the condition of your feet and nails.

  • What does this mean for you?

    At Healthy Nails, we can restore your confidence in the look and feel of your feet and toes by providing you with an Advanced Pedicure that can work to prevent a host of uncomfortable foot and nail conditions including:

    Whether you have a medical condition, significant nail damage or missing nails, discoloration, or difficulty maintaining your own nails, Healthy Nails by Bad Kitti Claws is here for you.

Consultation Process

Prior to your first service, we ask each new client to complete a Pedicure Consultation Form, after which we conduct a thorough consultation (virtual or in-person) to determine the appropriate service(s) and any special considerations that may affect your care. 

At every appointment, a visual and physical assessment of your feet will be conducted, as well as a discussion about your nails and skin, any medical conditions that may affect your feet and lower extremities, and any questions or concerns you may have.

Pedicure Consultation Form

Your Comfort is Key

We are 100% committed to providing you a private, comfortable, and judgement-free space to come and have your concerns addressed.  We are committed to providing professional, highly personalized, and compassionate service to all of our clients, and you will be made to feel right at home in our salon.

There should also be no pain during a pedicure. We communicate with our clients throughout their service to ensure they are feeling good, and having no discomfort or other issues.

Initial Advanced Pedicure Service Includes:

A full salon pedicure service

  • Full consultation and assessment of the feet, legs, and nails
  • Cleaning and maintenance of cuticles and skin around the nails
  • Cutting and shaping of nails
  • Smoothing of calluses
  • Polish (included) or Gel upgrade (additional cost)
  • Foot and lower leg massage

Advanced Services

  • Enhanced cleaning of nails, sidewalls & cuticles
  • Extended service time to address client's areas of concern & troublesome nail conditions
  • sa'SHá Callus Remedy Treatment (included in initial Advanced Pedicure only)
  • Smoothing thick, uneven, and rough nail surfaces

At-Home Care

  • A 2.4 oz Bottle of Famous Names Dadi' Oil Skin & Nail Treatment
  • A .125 oz Mini Bottle of Famous Names Dadi' Oil Skin & Nail Treatment (for travel or on-the-go)
  • A selection of Imperial Feet Nail Mycosis OR LCN Mykosept solution
  • Avry Beauty Nail File & Buffer set
  • Nail Brush
  • Home care regimen and instruction to improve nail and skin condition between services
  • Direct cell phone number to your Advanced Nail Technician between services for follow-up, questions, or concerns

A Series of Services

Most clients do require a series of Advanced Pedicures to achieve their desired results, though many clients see and feel results after their first appointment. Toenail growth is very slow, and healthy nails take time and care to develop and grow out.  Maintaining regular appointments will allow lingering problematic conditions to be addressed properly as healthy nails grow out.

Pictured here is a client after three services, where you can see the healthy nail tissue growing out after repeated cleaning and use of our at-home Advanced Pedicure Product Bundles.

Advanced Pedicure Videos

Advanced Pedicure Bundles

Home care products for our Advanced Pedicure clients