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Healthy Nails

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*For special openings and appointments on holidays and days we are closed, an additional rate of 50% will be added to all services.

Why choose healthy Nails?

Personalized One-on-One Services.

We cater to individuals who have lost confidence in the look and feel of their nails, hands, and feet.  We are all about giving you the best looking and feeling nails possible, offering exclusive healthy nail services and products as well as traditional manicures, pedicures, nail art, and gel extensions.  Now, you can have great looking nails that are healthy, too. 

What You'll Find Here...

  • All services performed by a licensed and certified Advanced Nail Technician
  • One-on-one appointments
  • Free comprehensive consultation
  • Individualized care plan to manage your nail health
  • Exclusive natural products
  • 'No shame' environment
  • Customer loyalty program offering discounts on services and products

Everything you need to know about

Advanced Pedicures

If you have troublesome toenail conditions or pre-existing medical conditions, find out if an Advanced Pedicure is right for you!

Advanced Pedicure Information
  • "I hate my toes."

    We hear this...A LOT.  At Healthy Nails, we have made it our mission to provide a shame-free, foot-positive environment.  We offer a full range of Advanced Pedicure services, catering especially to those with lifting or separating of toenails, nails prone to becoming ingrown, pre-existing health concerns, brittle or damaged nails, or low confidence in the appearance of their feet.  Whether it is from an injury, difficulty reaching your toes, pre-existing conditions, or a negative previous pedicure experience, we will spend the time with you to get you back to where you want to be.  And, believe it or not, many of our specialty pedicure clients are men! 

    Our goal is for you to walk out with your feet feeling and looking great, and for you to feel confident in your toes once again.  You will receive a personalized care plan for your toes, and we can usually greatly improve the feel and appearance of your toes and nails in the first visit. Every first Advanced Pedicure appointment also comes with take-home products for you to use at home to aide you on your healthy nails journey.

  • Acrylics? Sure! Just not here...

    ...and here's why:

    At Healthy Nails, we do not perform acrylic or dip powder services.  Why not, you ask?  Basically, the removal of these acrylic products can damage your natural nails...dehydrating and weakening nail plates over time.  And, the acrylic dust can linger in the air for up to 72 hours (which would kind of defeat the purpose of a healthy nails salon!!) 

    But don't let this discourage you from giving us a call or coming in my acrylically-addicted friends!  We would be happy to walk you through our systems and products, and help transition you to a healthier gel or natural nail system that can restore your nails' strength and health!  And yes, we can make them look just as pretty, create extensions, and add nail art!

    If you've been hooked on acrylic nails for years and can't remember the last time your natural nails grew healthy and strong on their own, this nail salon was created for you.  I have been there too, and we can restore your natural nail health while keeping the bling and shine on those nails!

  • Exclusive Product Systems

    We have hand-selected product systems for our nail services and retail sale with the health and wellbeing of our clients in mind. We strive to use the healthiest products, many with all-natural ingredients, to safely address your skin and nail concerns.

    Our salon features products from Famous Names, Imperial Feet, LCN, sa'SHá, and more.

    Exclusive Product Systems 
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