Famous Names IBX® Nail Treatment

The award-winning IBX® System from Famous Names Products will help protect, grow, strengthen, repair, and smooth your nails. 
 This show a right hand holding a bottle of the strengthen product. It is in a black bottle, resembling a nail polish bottle, with white and pink writing. This is the second step of the IBX® process.   The nails are approximately 1/4 inch long and look strong and healthy. No polish has applied after receiving IBX® treatment. IBX Bottles
IBX® works by strengthening the nail from within so it can grow healthier on its own. It penetrates the nail, fusing the layers of the natural nail together to help prevent delamination and splitting. This creates an interpenetrating polymer network that becomes a permanent addition to the nail, restoring strength and flexibility.
Over a series of treatments, severe or chronic nail damage (that would typically prevent nail growth) is repaired.  The nail grooves are smoothed, nail color and appearance improve, and the nail plate is strengthened allowing for healthy, natural growth. You can typically expect to see and feel a difference after the first treatment, depending on the original condition of the nails.  It is recommended that clients complete a series of 4 to 5 treatments for noticeable and lasting results.  Treatment can be performed every 2 to 3 weeks, and can be combined as a part of a salon manicure service.
IBX System Illustration
*IBX® services can only provided by licensed nail technicians that have gone through training and certification by Famous Names, ensuring that the quality of the service received by clients meets the company's rigorous standards.  Bad Kitti Claws is fully trained and certified by Famous Names in the complete IBX® System.
IBX Certification  IBX Certification
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