LCN at Bad Kitti Claws

Experience the difference of our exclusive line of LCN products. From superior formulas to stunning colors, we chose them to elevate your services.

LCN is the world's third leading manufacturer of cosmetic nail products with a long history of providing exciting, innovative breakthroughs to the world of cosmetic science.

At Bad Kitti Claws, we are committed to bringing our clients the healthiest, most reliable and effective nail and skin care products available

... and the Future of Beauty  LCN USA brings this European beauty secret to America's fingertips. And today, the LCN line has expanded to include even more natural nail, hand, foot, body and spa products. Still, every LCN beauty product remains the result of careful research, educated industry professionals, and a flawless eye for the future of beauty and fashion. Like the products that bear its name, LCN continues to break new ground in the beauty industry, while its quality still stands the test of time.

LCN Products

Home care products for our Advanced Pedicure clients

LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration | Part 1

LCN Barefoot Toenail Restoration | Part 2