The Importance of Daily Rituals

The Importance of Daily Rituals

Rituals are so important. They bring grounding, centering, focus, positivity, and often times a feeling of calm and peace.  It doesn't have to be elaborate, and it can be incorporated into your regular routine.  I religiously use the products from our shop in my morning rituals...these are products I truly believe in and use daily with amazing results.  Let me walk you through my usual morning routine.

When I make my coffee, I stir it counter-clockwise with the intention of banishing negativity or anything that doesn't serve me (like my tired and cranky mood whenever I wake up). Then, I finish off stirring clockwise to welcome my day and bring in a good mood.

I enjoy my coffee with a bit of White Sage smudging because it always brightens my day and my mood. Just taking a few moments to clear my head and set my intentions gives me a few minutes of 'me time' which I rarely get enough of.  The California White Sage we sell in the shop is hands-down the best Sage I have ever had.  It burns evenly and the aroma is incredibly smooth with no bitter notes at all.  

And then, it's off to the shower. I always choose one of our specialty handmade body soaps, allowing the scent to to turn my regular shower into a wonderful experience.  Lately, I've been stuck on our Autumn Aire Handcrafted Soap, it makes me feel like I'm in a spa without the extra money.  You can really smell the fall aroma of pumpkin, coconut and chestnut as it heats up in the warm is an aromatherapy experience all in itself.  

Next, I have my moisturizing routine. I can't stress how important this one is to me each day.  I use the award-winning Dadi' Oil on my fingers and toes, the bags under my eyes, my face, and anything that's a little extra dry. I finish off with the amazing Luxury Dadi' Lotion, letting my skin drink it up so I can feel moisturized for the day.  They both smell lightly of lemongrass, and are refreshing and absorb quickly and without that greasy feeling.

It is incredible how something as simple as this morning ritual can shape your day.  And I am so proud of the products that we make and sell to help in this process.  I hope you too can enjoy our products and incorporate them into your own daily routines and rituals.  Feel free to comment and share your own experiences and rituals with us!


Be well and stay healthy!

-Trixie D.


As a side note, a big Congratulations to Famous Names Products for winning the 2020 Nailpro Magazine Reader's Choice Award for best cuticle oil - Dadi' Oil Skin & Nail Treatment, and best nail treatment - IBX!!  We use IBX in our nail salon and exclusively sell the Dadi' Oil line of products in our shop...and this is why!  They are absolutely the best skin and nail treatments we have found, which is why I chose to be trained by the company and become an exclusive seller.

Check out all of our Dadi' Oil products here, and be sure to ask about IBX the next time you get your nails done!  


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