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Imperial Feet

Advanced Pedicure Bundle | Foot and Toenail Fungus

Advanced Pedicure Bundle | Foot and Toenail Fungus

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The Advanced Pedicure Bundle for for Foot and Toenail Fungus is the complete anti-fungal product bundle from Imperial Feet.  It contains the Imperial Feet Nail Mycosis Solution for toenail fungus and discoloration, the Imperial Feet Athlete's Feet Solution for foot fungus and prevention, and the Imperial Feet Foot Balm Green for extra skin moisture and fungus prevention.  Optional add-on of the Imperial Feet Shoe & Sock Spray for extra fungal elimination and prevention.

The Advanced Pedicure Bundle for for Foot and Toenail Fungus contains:

  • Imperial Feet 150 ml Foot Balm Green
  • Imperial Feet 75 ml Nail Mycosis Solution
  • Imperial Feet 75 ml Athlete's Feet Solution
  • One - Avry Beauty Nail File & Buffer
  • *Optional Add-On - Imperial Feet 150 ml Shoe & Sock Spray

This bundle can be used daily to address foot and toenail fungus, provide extra moisture, and prevent future fungus growth.

We recommend our Advanced Pedicure clients apply each product at least once daily at different times, preferably twice .  The Nail Mycosis can be applied directly to the nail surface and free edge under the front of the toenails, and be massaged into the surrounding skin and toes.  For maximum effectiveness, lightly buff or file toenails three times a week to allow the mycosis solution to penetrate the nails most effectively.  The Athlete's Feet Solution can be applied to the skin of the foot in any affected areas at least once daily. The Shoe & Sock Spray can be applied once a week, 6-8 sprays per shoe and in socks.  Safe for Diabetics and for use with Psoriasis.


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