Bio Sculpture® Gel

There is no other product quite like Bio Sculpture Gel. With over 30 years of industry experience, they are committed to offering the safest and highest quality product. This is the only nail product line that has been clinically tested by an outside entity and awarded a five-star safety rating for nail clients.

Bio Sculpture Gel 5 Star Rated

Bio Sculpture Gel is 100% free from acrylics phthalates, toluene, MMA, and formaldehyde. There are no primers, bonders, or dehydration which means there's no dust odors or fumes - thus creating a healthier environment. Unlike other nail products, Bio Sculpture Gel is an all-in-one system that allows you to extend, sculpt, build and correct nails. There is no abrasive preparation or priming - so your nails are kept healthy without being dehydrated or damaged. 

It is applied to the natural nail much like a regular polish, then cured under an LED lamp.  Bio Sculpture Gel mimics the nail’s natural movement and flexibility, keeping nails perfectly protected.  This system is suitable for all nail types in all conditions.


 To learn more about Bio Sculpture, check the manufacturer page here.

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